Wedding Bridal Bouquets

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Both the bride and I were delighted with the finished design.  I will post a tutorial for her bouquet as well.

I always finish every bouquet, corsage and boutonniere with a good misting of Finishing Touch.  This flower sealant seals the moisture in the petals and slows evaporation and aging.

Floralock is a flower adhesive that comes with a long wand that you insert into the nozzle.  Give quick short bursts to apply the adhesive around the flower stems.  This locks those slippery stems into the wet foam so they don't come out on your walk down the aisle.

Be sure to continue to dibble water onto the foam head, replacing the water that the fresh flowers draw out of the foam.  They are living plants and their life will continue longer if you continue to replace the water they need every day!  

Although I did place this bouquet in my refrigerator - I was amazed that even a week later it still looked THIS GOOD!  That is the power of tropical flowers.

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