Wedding Bridal Bouquets

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Seeded eucalyptus is a favorite decorative foliage that I love using to give the bouquet a unique look.  

I wanted to keep the design very simple an let the blush protea be the center focus.  I removed the leaves and set them aside to use in the reception centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres. 

 You can order Naked Seeded Eucalyptus, which has no leaves if you have no use for them.

The seeds are very hardy and hold up well in all different types of floral designs.  I begin this bouquet by filling in the sides the the unique seeds.

I insert a generous stem of the seeded eucalyptus into the side edge of the holder.  Insert the stems deep enough (1" or so) to remain securely seated in the foam - but not so deep that the stems begin the hit into each other in the center of the foam.

Continue to fill in the outer circumference of the bouquet.

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