wedding boutonniere

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Your wedding boutonniere can also be accented with other leaves.  Check out the leaves on your other fresh flowers.  You may find some interesting foliage to use in your boutonnieres.  These leaves are from an Oriental lily.  

A little bigger than I needed, I simply trimmed them down to a manageable size with shears.

I'm left with a long flat leaf with great lines and color.

Thread a 24 gauge green florist wire in a stitch manner as shown below.  Be careful not to tear your leaf.

Place your thumb firmly on the center of the leaf where the wire pierced through it.

Keeping your thumb and finger pressed tightly together, gently bend the wire down on both sides to create a stem that you can tape.

You will end up with a wire bent in a support like manner at the bottom of the green.

Starting my florist tape high on the leaf, I gently tape across the greenery, tightening it more as I reach the bottom and forming a wire stem.

You can see from the side that the leaf now has a nice curve and a bottom support.

Tuck your leaf on the left side, on the opposite side of the ivy.

I love adding a miniature geranium leaf to this boutonniere tutorial.  It makes has a cool look with the rounded curve plus the interesting coloring.

As the leaves before in this boutonniere tutorial, thread the florist wire in and out behind the leaf's veins.  Press your thumb and forefinger on the center of the leaf before bending the wire.

An open hairpin wire runs down parallel on each sides to create a wire stem.

Once bound with florist tape, you can gently bend the wire in a curved shape to fit under the rose head.

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