Wedding Bouquet Recipe

Hard Goods:


Be sure to cut and process your flowers correctly as a florist would.  Increasing flower life is always the first goal of a professional - especially with wedding flowers!

After I found that most wholesale floral sites require large minimums, I added fresh flowers to my own store.  You can buy in single grower bunches, assuring that you order only the flowers and greenery you need.

Check out how to calculate exactly how many flowers you need to order.

Simple Directions:

Gather the #40 (wide) ribbon into single loops, fold over and place wire on fold.  Twist tightly.  Dip wire ends into the floral adhesive tube and insert into the opening on the bottom side of the bouquet holder.  This is very much like gluing a tulle collar into place

Secure bouquet holder into Lomey 14" Column with hot pan glue.  Wrap column with double faced tape.  Re-wrap with double faced satin ribbon.  Float soak Oasis Belle holder in water that has been treated with flower food.

Insert your flowers into your bouquet holder.  I usually insert largest (focal flowers) first.  In this case - roses.  Add in the ranunculus, then the freesia.  Tuck greenery in between the flower heads.

Secure the stems in the foam with short bursts of Floralock.  Be sure to thoroughly shake can as per directions.  Mist well with Finishing Touch flower sealant, coating both fronts and backs of flowers.

Allow to dry, and store in refrigerator if possible.  Make sure no fruits are in refrigerator.  Turn unit slightly warmer than you would for food.

Need more detailed step by step instructions?  Check out the basic flower tutorials below for intensive one-by-one photographs on assembling a bridal bouquet.

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