Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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The final design is vibrant with color - yet softened with those lovely blended shades of roses.  Now that my bouquet design is finished, I take a few extra steps to be sure my flowers stay securely in the holder AND that the flowers are sealed to keep moisture in the petals.

That small head of foam is holding in a lot of rose stems.  I want to be sure they stay in place.  For this I use a product called Floralock.

It comes with a long red straw that is inserted into the nozzle.  Be sure to shake the can throughly so the glue aerates well before spraying.

The straw has to be deeply seated into the nozzle so it won't come off during spraying.

Insert the red straw deep in between the flower heads, close to the stems in the foam.  Spray in short bursts.  Don't over do, allow to set a bit before spraying more.  You do not want so much glue that it drips down onto the handle making it sticky.

 Air conditioning and home refrigerators take moisture OUT of the air.  Professional floral refrigerations put lots of moisture INTO the air.  

You have to compensate for this moisture loss by misting well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  I always mist all of my designs well and let them dry before refrigeration.  If all you have is an air conditioned room, keep it dark, turn it down as cool as possible and keep misted with Finishing Touch.  If possible, run a cool mist humidifier in the room near the flowers.

Replenish the foam with water by dribbling water over the holder every day.  Those roses will suck up a lot of water, so be sure your foam stays wet!

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