unity wedding candle

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A Unity wedding candle is still a loving part of modern wedding ceremonies.  Every bride seems to search far and wide on a "new" look to this traditional favorite.  I have both tutorials and recipes that are easily made by DIY brides.                                                      

Please be sure to reflect your own favorite flower varieties and the colors of your own wedding palette.  For this design, the following products were used:

The three arm candelabra is very affordable.  To make the center candle holder able to hold a pillar candle, use white floral clay to attach a small mirror, a candle pillar plate or even a disposable plate to the top of the center taper holder.  Floral clay bonds very tightly, yet is removable without damage to the candelabra.

Attach the galax leaves around the candle cups with either Oasis Floral Adhesive or floral clay.

Use the paddle wire to wrap the miniature myrtle to the candelabra, wrapping it around the myrtle when holding it around the candelabra.  Use the paddle wire to attach the Iglu to the front of the candelabra through the tabs on the Iglu.

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