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This unity candle set is truly unique with fresh flowers and a bent wreath that drops off the edge of the table.  This would also be suitable as a flower arrangement on a bridal table.  Envision two of these, one on each end.  

Please feel free to change the colors (or even the flower variety).  I have substituted a few items, as some in the actual photo are limited season availability.

Pull the plastic clips off of the wreath and separate the foam from the wreath.  With a sharp knife, lay down a ruler and make two cuts directly across from each other where you want the wreath to bend.  Cut only through the lip of the plastic wreath ring.

Light two candles and hold the back of the wreath over the flames where you made the cuts.  Bend the wreath gently over a table edge as the flame softens the plastic.  You want to make a complete right angle.  Let the wreath cool after it is bent to your satisfaction.

Soak the foam in water treated with Crystal Clear flower food. Wrap the entire wreath with waterproof tape approximately 1  1/2" apart.  This is to help maintain the integrity of the florist foam.  

As you add flowers,. start with the portion sitting on the table top first.  This will add weight to the arrangement and keep it balanced when you add the flowers to the bottom portion.  Insert all flowers into wreath.  Wind decorative ribbon around pillar candle.  Shorten a corsage pin.  Heat the pin shank and insert into candle, pinning the lace in place.

Want to save a bit?  Buy greenery to fill in and help cut down on the amount of needed flowers.  Good selections are leather leaf fern, ming fern, Italian Ruscus and Israeli Ruscus.

For the mechanics, you will need:

WFC-1821 - Courtesy John Henry

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