unity candle set with flowers

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This unity candle set is complete with flowers surrounding both the pillar candle and the two matching taper candles.  The flowers brighten up the table and makes it look complete.

To create a similar look, you'll need the following products, florist supplies and fresh flowers:

Good floristry begins with proper cleaning and processing of your wholesale wedding flowers when they arrive.  This is so important.  Don't skip the recommended flower products.  With no large florist cooler, you need the re-hydrator and flower food to ensure your flowers stay fresh up and through your wedding day.

Don't be concerned.  Fresh flowers delivered from the farm will last 5 - 7 days in regular temperatures.  Remember it is a living plant, so it needs a constant water source and flood to survive.  

Float soak the foam containers in water treated with the flower food.  Be sure to use the recommended amounts.  Too much wastes product and too little doesn't really do much good.

Arrange the flowers and greenery as shown in photo.  If you need more step by step tutorials, go to the beginning gallery for the detailed flower tutorials that show how to green and flower in all kinds of designs.

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