unity candle holders

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Unity candle holders can have more impact when nestled in a ring of flowers.  Plain pillar candles can turn into amazing eye candy with a little bit of ribbon and pearl headed pins.  Don't feel compelled to stay with this colors or flower varieties.  You can easily change them to your own flower choices and wedding colors.

You'll need the following supplies:

Remove one third of the mache wreath with a long knife or floral stem cutters.  Soak the foam in water that has been treated with Crystal Clear flower food.  Wrap around the soaked wreath with waterproof tape. The tape will stick to itself. This will help stabilize the foam after many stem insertions.  

Attach the green anchor pins to the tip of the 5" solid Oasis wreath with floral clay. Insert the 3 inch pillar candle stake into the Oasis Oval Foam. Cut off two 3 inch flower stems from the bottom of the button mums and insert them into the oval wreath.  These stems will support the top portion of the heart foam.  Place a strip of floral clay across the top backside of the heart.  Insert the bottom point of the heart wreath into the oval wreath, pushing the anchors deep into the oval wreath. Rest the top of the heart over the flower stems with the sticky clay pressing into the top of the button pomp flower stems.  The two flower stems will then hold the heart up at an angle, while the bottom portion of the heart is pushed deep into the oval wreath.

Insert all your flowers and greens (except the button poms) in the oval wreath.  Be sure to conceal the stems holding up the heart.  

Fit the floralock stem into the nozzle of the can.  Spray both the bottom of the 5-inch heart with the Floralock Foam and then spray around both stems where they are inserted into the foam.  This will keep the anchor stems in place.

Cover the floral heart wreath with your pink button pomps.  Squirt all flower stems with short bursts of Floralock to help hold the flowers in place. 

You can use any style of unity candle holders in the center of this wreath.To duplicate the look shown in the picture, shorten the shanks of several decorative pins.  Pull off 2 yards of your decorative ribbon.  Fold in half.  Light a candle.  Heat the shortened shank of the pin in the candle flame.  Fold the ribbon over and find the center.  Pin the center of the ribbon to the back of the pillar candle with a heated pin.  Take both sides of the ribbon and bring to the front of the candle and twist the ribbon, and then take the ends to the back, twisting again, and bring to the front.  Continue doing this up the sides of the pillar candle, repeating util the ribbon is at the top.  Once satisfied with the look, cut off the pins

After transporting your unity candle holders and placing them at the front of the church, wrap a small bit of florist clay around the bottom of the taper candles and insert them into place.  Don't use too much clay or it will be hard to get out the candles during the ceremony.  Place a small bit of floral clay into the pillar candle stake and place the already decorated pillar candle into it.

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