unity candle carnation rings

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These unity candle carnation rings are simplistic and perfect.  They can be recreated in different colors, such as red, yellow, pure white, purple/lavender, orange/peaches and green since carnations do come in all those colors!

Keep in mind that the set as shown has TWO of everything listed, as the shorter set (with the taper candles) and the taller set (with the pillar candle) simply have two different height pillar candle holders.

To avoid the confusion, this recipe only gives the products needed for one set.   Double the amount you order if you want the complete two sets as shown in the picture below.

You'll need the following florist supplies and fresh flowers, plus two different height pillar candle holders:



Attach the plate to the top of the pillar candle stand.  This will be what the smaller 6" Oasis ring will rest on.  The 8.5" flower ring rests directly on the table with the silver pillar stand placed in the center of it.

If you buy two staggered pillar stands, it has more appeal from the distance, making the actual unity candle the tallest of the two.  Place the two taper candle holders, secured by florist clay, on the plate on the shorter pillar candle stand.  This will help keep the taper candles in place.  Both the bride and the groom remove a taper candle to light the unity candle together during the ceremony after the vows.

If you need more help on the designing of the flowers, check out the step by step tutorials of both unity candles and centerpieces to get greening and flowering tips.

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