traditional wedding candelabra

Hard Goods Needed:

Fresh Flowers and Greenery:

Easy Directions:

Most wedding rental supply stores have a variety of candelabras for rent.  Check with your venue and see if candles have to be enclosed in globes.  If not, be sure to spread clear plastic under your candelabra to catch any candle drippings.  

Float soak the cage in water that has been treated with flower food.  Be sure your flowers were processed immediately on arrival and the stem cut under water.

Fill in your candelabra with your greenery.  Allow long draping lines to extend down below, spraying outward.  Cut Israeli Ruscus into smaller pieces and insert randomly in the cage.

Insert your focal flowers (Asiatic Lilies) first in the center of the cage.  Insert the stock flower, stems inserting pointing towards the center and splaying outward.  Add your white carnations.  Fill in between all the flowers with spray asters.

Need more step by step directions?  Check an easy tutorial on how to create standing church flowers.  It walks  you thru step by step on both the greening and flowering process for large church sprays.

After finishing, lock the stems in place with short bursts of Floralock.  It is essential that you shake the can thoroughly before spraying so the adhesive won't clog.  Floralock helps keep the stems in place for transporting to the church

Keep an eye on the wet foam.  Flowers will suck a lot of water and it needs to be replenished occasionally.  Mist well with Finishing Touch and store in a cool area.

After transporting to the venue, wire the Oasis Cage to the standing candelabra with floral wire, electrical zip locks or chenille stems.  Give one last mist of Finishing Touch and ensure the venue is air conditioned until the wedding ceremony for the longest lasting flowers.

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