topiary wedding centerpieces

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Topiary wedding centerpieces are a lovely decoration that can be created - even by a DIY bride!  Use them as table centerpieces, altar decorations, buffet table flowers or even as aisle decor!  

To create this look, you'll need the following flower products, florist supplies and fresh flowers:

This is all about careful preparation ahead of time.  Wet florist foam plus the added weight of fresh flowers is very heavy.  You must be sure your basic construction can hold this weight suspended in air.  You have to make it easier, however, to transport the centerpiece.  I generally like to construct in two pieces, so the flowers can be carefully transported without the danger of falling over and damaging the flowers.

Start by heating up the skillet and carefully melting the pot glue.  Don't get impatient and turn the skillet up too high, as pot glue can pop and burn like any other glue.  You can buy a true craft skillet, but I think the price is ridiculously high since the construction is basically the same as a regular skillet.  Just don't let lack of judgement make you regret the purchase.

The Oasis pillow glue holds wet foam firmly, so don't substitute for it.  Melt the glue, roll the top and and about 2" down on the top of the dowel rod and insert into the dry foam.  Allow to dry completely before soaking the foam.  The netting on the foam will also help keep the dowel rod from slipping completely through the dowel rod.

Place a dry half brick of foam in the pan glue and glue it securely into the bottom of the planter pot.

Press one of the dowel rods into the pot onto the foam.  This will let you know where the dowel rod will be inserted.   

Prepare the bottom of dowel rod by securely taping the 12" wooden stakes to the rod with the waterproof tape on both ends (especially above the water soaked foam).  The stakes help grip into the florist foam of both the Oasis sphere and the Oasis Brick and helps prevent the dowel from "rocking" in the foam (which can wallow out the hole and make the topiary wobbly.)

Always float soak florist foam in water treated with a professional florist food.  Please don't skip the recommended products.  Treating your flowers and processing them as a florist would ensures that your farm fresh flowers stay beautiful up to and through your wedding day.  

Using the acrylic rose stripper, clean the thorns off the roses.  Cut the roses short (4"), but do not discard the remainder of stems.  Cut each end at a slant and cut each rose stem the same length.  These cut stems will be used to conceal the center dowel rod. One rose stem at a time, lay parallel to the wooden dowel rod and insert the slanted cut edge up into the foam sphere.  Continue doing this, surrounding the dowel rod with the rose stems. Tightly tape with the waterproof tape around the top of the rose stems, right under the neck of the foam sphere. 

The rod will now be concealed by the rose stems, but the green stakes will protrude out from the bottom of the rod as shown.  This is the bottom end of the dowel rod, which will be inserted into the pot foam after delivery.  Continue overlaying with flower stems until you can no longer see the wooden dowel rod.

To keep the flowers safe through delivery, notch the sides of one of the heavy flower boxes and lay the neck of the arrangement into this notch, safely elevating the topiary sphere and keeping the flowers suspended.

Once delivered, assemble the topiary to the pot, carefully pressing the dowel rod deep into the pot foam.

If you have never designed before, and need more detailed help, be sure to read through the detailed tutorials for wedding floral centerpieces.  You will find photos that walk you through every detail, including bricking in foam, flower preparation and more.

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