topiary centerpieces

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Topiary centerpieces look stunning on reception tables, entryways, cake tables and buffets.  For this flower recipe, you'll need the following:

Be sure your flowers have been processed correctly.  These steps are important, because a few floral supplies can go a long way towards making your flowers last longer.

With a knife or utility scissors, cut off half of the handle your straight Belle bouquet holder.  Float soak the holder in water that has bee treated with Crystal Clear flower food.  Block in your Oasis brick into the container, taping it into place with waterproof tape.

Cut your stems off, leaving a good 5 or 6 inches of stem still on the rose heads.  You need long stem roses, because the excess stem will be your standing part of the topiary.  Remove the thorns from the long stems.  Gather the stems together in a bundle and secure with rubber bands.  Trim the ends even.  Take these gathered stems and insert them deeply into the container.  Green in the bottom container with leather leaf fern.

Spray some Floralock into the top of the bundled stems.  Insert the handle of your bouquet holder into the center of the bundled stems, resting the handle into the Floralock until it dries and is secure.  Green in the foam head with leather leaf fern.

Add some Italian Ruscus and Israeli Ruscus into the top foam.  Add some into the bottom.  Glue a few shortened stems of Israeli Ruscus in between the rose stems

Flower in the top portion of the topiary, reserving a few flowers for a cluster in the base of these topiary centerpieces. 

After you are finished with the flowering, use Floralock to secure all stems into place.  Keep in mind if you have to deliver these, you may want to design the top holder and bottom separately, inserting the bouquet holder into place after you have reached the reception venue.

Mist finished arrangement with Finishing Touch.  If needed, replenish the water in the bouquet holder if it feels dry.  Flowers will draw a lot of water out and the foam must be kept wet.

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