submerged centerpieces

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Submerged flower centerpieces need three elements:  a clear, fitted container, clean water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food and some type of anchor so the flower does not float out of place.

Submerged designs such as this one are usually designed in vases that the flowers can be placed into without bending or creasing the petals.  This tapered vase works well for large flowers like Gerberas or Lilies.

The traditional method was to pin the flower in vase with a heavy flower frog, that keeps the bloom from floating to the top.  The newer method is to use a suspension material such as water beads, which are virtually invisible without the excess water poured off.

Do not design this arrangement until the day of the wedding and when you arrive at the reception hall.  Delivering carefully placed flowers in containers that are this full are very easily tipped over during delivery.  It is much easier to do on site.

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