submerged centerpieces

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Submerged flower centerpieces are a lovely addition to any wedding table.  You can have either large flowers in tall containers - or many small single flowers in individual containers.  Obviously the containers you choose need to be clear to view the arrangement from all sides, and you must delay covering the entire flower in water until the wedding day.  Otherwise, bacteria will begin to form and the flower will begin the decaying process.

To create this look, you'll need the following hard goods, florist supplies, and fresh flowers:

The traditional way to design this simple centerpiece is to use a metal frog pin, cover it with either the berries or leaves, and then carefully pin the calla stems in place to the frog, slitting tiny cuts in the leaves if necessary.

An easier method (and cheaper!) is to suspend the callas in clear water beads, which are invisible if you don't pour off the excess water.  Do not assemble the arrangement until you reach the reception venue, as it is easy to tip over and spill the vases en route and assembling before the wedding day can cause the callas to begin to soften, causing early rot as the softened stems begin to break down in the water.

Another alternative is to use realistic artificial callas and berries which can be done ahead of time!

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