submerged centerpieces

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Submerged flower centerpieces are arrangements created within (usually) a clear container.  It is either partially or completely submerged in water.  Flowers do two things: they float and they begin to break down when completely covered in water.  This means you need to anchor the flower in the container and you need to delay (completely) submerging the flower in water until the day of the event.

To create this look, the flowers are actually wedged down inside a tapered vase.  The close contact keeps the flowers in place, but using clear water beads ensure they don't move after arranged.  For this look, you'll need the following:

The wonderful thing about tulips is that they continue to grow in a vase!  Therefore take care as you process your flowers, as the tulips may need support in order to not get bent stems.  Only place them in water that covers the bottom stem for a couple of inches, and cut off the stems a bit if necessary as they grow soft quickly and can cause bacteria to grow in the water, shortening the life of the flowers.

Add water to the beads several days in advance of the wedding, as it takes hours for the beads to fully absorb their full capacity of water.  Place the flowers in the vase and pour in the saturated beads around them.  You can only fill to the bottom of the stems or completely over the entire stems, which help hold the flowers in place.  Place on the wedding reception tables.  For added effect, add either submersible lights or vase base lights.

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