simple wedding centerpieces

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Simple wedding centerpieces aren't necessarily "simple looking".  This cool mix of greens radiates a lovely mix of color shades and flower textures.  With the green tint to the square vase, it radiates beauty.  Finding, however, the exact color of vase you need is sometimes difficult.  So how do you get the color you want?  The answer is either water beads or food coloring.

I had one bride who was delighted when she arrived at her reception and marveled that I found vases that she loved in the exact colors she want.  The truth was, however, that the vases were clear.  I simply colored the water!   Don't use standard food coloring, which can look completely different. 

The best brand that I've found stays true to the shade you buy is Wilton Food coloring.  However, to get the color all the way to the rim you can use green water beads.  Drain off the excess water if you want the look to see the beads.  Leave the water in if you just want the color green.

To this look, you need the following products and fresh flowers:

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