simple wedding centerpieces

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Simple wedding centerpieces in cube vases are very easy to make.  Gladiolus are very inexpensive for the number of blooms you get

You will need:

I've often been asked how you keep the vase filler (in this picture the cut flower stems) from floating out of place.  The secret is that there are actually two vases, one approximately 2" smaller inserted into the larger vase.  The inner vase is filled with water while the outer vase is filled with discarded flower stems, decorative rock, sand, water beads, candy, sugar, beads and more.  Then the finish is to simply pop a large headed flower (such as this hydrangea) into the vase in the inner vase!  So easy and yet so elegant!

These vases are acrylic, so the worry of cracking an inner vase doesn't exist.

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