red gerbera daisy bouquet

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This red gerbera daisy bouquet has a stylish beaded collar for a touch of bling.  Feel free to change the colors, as Gerber daisies come in a large range of colors.  To duplicate a similar look, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers:

1 Red Beaded Garland

Florist Wire 22 gauge

Green Stem Wrap

1 yard Red #9 Wired Ribbon

Oasis Double Faced Tape

14 Red Gerbera Daisy stems

12 Galax Leaves  OR  12 Lemon Leaf (salal) Leaves  OR  12 stems of Leather Leaf

Pick up the gerbers one at a time and hold directly under the neck of the flower head.  Add one flower at a time, facing the first stem facing upward and then building a rounded ball around that center flower.  If you need more help, take the time to watch the Gerbera bouquet tutorials

It is wise to wire and wrap each Gerbera individually, leaving the bottom of the stem unwrapped that will rest in the water.  

Snip the red garland into several sections, doubling the garland over.  Bend a florist wire into a long hook and slide over the garland piece.  Tape down the stem with green stem wrap.  Create several of these wired picks.  Bend the pick over and fit under the flower head and tape to the bouquet handle.   Rotate the bouquet and add another beaded stem.  Continue until all your beaded garland picks are in place.  

Place a leaf (with the good side OUTWARD) against the neck of the bouquet and tape into place.  Rotate the bouquet and continue.  Do this until a collar of leaves surround the underside of the bouquet.

When bouquet is finished, wrap double faced tape around the them and then wrap with the sheer, wired ribbon.  Fold the end of the ribbon inward and secure with double faced tape.

Mist well (front and back) with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Allow to dry.

Place in a tall vase with just the unwrapped stems resting in the water.  Do not allow the water to run dry.  Change the water every day, snipping away any softened stems to prevent bacteria growth in the water.

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