reception centerpiece

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I think a reception centerpiece is more elegant with a combination of greens as well as flowers.  The more textures you can add to your design, the more unique it will be.

Italian Ruscus is a wonderful greenery, bundled in long bunches that you can use to create height in church decorations or cut down shorter for adding into centerpieces and bouquets.  Save a few leaves back to add into your corsage and boutonniere work as well. 

I'm going to add more height to this design by putting a tall lateral right in the middle of the centerpiece.

The stems can be a little woody, so it's a good idea to have either flower pruners or bunch cutters to make the job a little easier.

Simply cut the laterals into short pieces - they don't have to be perfectly uniform.  They will blend in and create a lovely backdrop for your flowers.

I love the feathery wisps of Ming Fern, so I added a few pieces here and there to give a lightness to the overall design.

Stagger the lengths of your greens.  When finished, you'll see the the length of your greens set the size of the overall design.  You'll extend your flower tips just slightly beyond the leaves so the focus will be on the flowers.

When I'm finished greening, I usually spray the leaves with Leafshine to create a polished, shiny look to the leaves.  It will clean the greens and get rid of any pollen dust and remove water spots by rinses in hard water.

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