Purple Wedding Bouquets

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Finally . . . the bouquet is almost finished, but I want to break up the solid look of the carnations.  They are different colors - but each carnations is still the same size and shape.  I'm going to add a little more texture to the design with using the lavender alstroemeria (also known commonly as Peruvian Lilies).

This lovely flower often has between 3 - 4 flower heads with long enough laterals to cut off and insert singly into the design.  Take care on inserting these stems, as they are delicate and can be easily crushed.  (Do NOT use scissors - always cut with a knife so the flower cells are not damaged and thus unable to drink up water).

Gently work the slender stems into the foam by placing your thumb and forefinger close to the foam surface and then gently pushing the flowers into the foam.

Fill up an open areas with the alstroemeria so that the entire bouquet has a softly mounded shape that looks good from all sides and the top of the bouquet.

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