pink wedding centerpiece

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This pink wedding centerpiece is created in a loose, free style with long lines of greenery and flowers in an asymmetrical design.  This simply means that the design does not fill in flowers in a perfect, shape.  

Start by gathering some greenery that has long lengths, to draw the eyes up and outward.

Eucalyptus is a popular favorite.  You can buy a mixed box of greenery to create a similar look to this design.  

With long narrow leaves and a graceful draping of the branches, this willow eucalyptus is a very interesting look.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is better known by it's familiar shape and greenish blue color.

Gunnii eucalyptus also have the lovely sage color, but the leaves are more of an oval shape and more, smaller leaves per each branch.

Feather eucalyptus is very similar to willow, with long, tapered leaves.

Moon Lagoon eucalyptus features tiny leaves, with long straight laterals on a slender stem.