pew flowers with a bow

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These pew flowers with a bow are a beautiful addition to a formal church wedding.  This same design can be used as chuppah flowers or attached to wedding chairs.  To create a similar design, you will need the following hard goods and fresh flowers:

 Attach the Iglu cage to a heavy pew clip with pan glue.  Soak the Iglu Cage (attached to pew clip) in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food. If you don't have a way to melt the pan glue (usually in a small skillet), wire the Iglu to the pew clip with chenille stems.  Take care that the Iglu is very secure on the pew clip and that it doesn't move, as wet foam and flowers can be heavy.

Create bow loops and tails, attach each one to a wooden pick.  Wire wooden picks to lengths of sprengeri.  Insert these loops, tails and sprengeri to the Iglu foam.  Insert the flowers into the Iglu.  Once everything is inserted and the design complete, use Floralock Stem Adhesive to ensure the stems all stay secure to the foam cage.

Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory flower sealant.

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