pew decorations with Wheat

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These pew decorations look great whether for a casual outdoor wedding or a formal church wedding.  You will need the following products and supplies to create a similar look:

You begin by creating composite flowers of the gladiolus blooms.  Read through the composite bouquet tutorials.  Layering flower petals needs thin wire and Oasis flower adhesive.  Don't cut off the longer wire stems - you'll tape them and use the stem to insert into the Iglu foam.

The stem and the wheat heads are cut apart.  The cut ends are inserted into the top of the Iglu and the wheat heads are inserted upward into the bottom of the florist foam cage.

Continue adding the wheat stems.

When the wheat is complete, you can move on to inserting the maiden hair fern.

Cluster the fern on the lower left and a small amount of stems on the upper right.

Insert the composite gladiolus stems.

Finish by wiring ribbon loops and lengths into the top right and a few loops in the center.  Be sure to check out all the church wedding decorations, as well as bridal bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

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