pew decorations

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These pew decorations are made with bright fuschia flowers that create an amazing accent of color on each wedding chair.  Don't, however, feel limited to the colors shown or even these particular flower varieties.  Other colors or flowers can easily be substitute to create your own unique design with your desired colors..  These pew decorations are quite simple and very easy to make.

To create a similar look, you will need the following fresh flowers, florist supplies and flower products:

Always begin by processing your wholesale flowers correctly and immediately upon arrival.  Please don't ignore the recommended products.  The products are a result of years of testing in the field and have been proven to work very well.  Now is no time to "experiment" with home remedies.  These products are very affordable and easy to use.  Since you don't have the advantage of a large walk in cooler, you must take care to treat the flowers properly so they will stay beautiful  through the days leading up to your wedding day.

There are several different florist products that can be used to create pew decorations.  For this design, you can use a simple egg florist foam cage and approximately 1/3 brick of Oasis florist foam.  The foam trims down easily with a florist knife.

Allow each brick of foam to "float soak" in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food. Trim the foam and fit into the egg cage.

Be sure to tie ribbon or chenille stems to two places on the top of the egg cage, and two on the bottom of the egg cage.  These have to have enough length to tie the finished arrangement to the wedding chairs.

Cut the greenery apart in smaller lengths or fronds.  Begin inserting the greenery into the foam cage as shown below.

The back of the cage must remain flat with no flowers, as it will rest against the chair arm.  Green in all around, however, as the flowers may be viewed from different angles.

Continue filling in with the greens, with the goal being to conceal the mechanics of the design.

You can also fill in with different kinds of greens, creating a more interesting textures and colors.  The cage doesn't have to be packed too densely, as you need to have room to insert the flower stems.

Begin filling in with the filler flowers.  Spray asters have a lot of small flower heads on each stem.  You can easily cut them into smaller, shorter sections.  Begin filling in the design with the asters.

Aim for a 3/4 view, leaving about 1/4 of the cage without flowers that will be the side that rests again the wedding chair.

Fill in evenly, angling straight upwards, then begin to angle the flower heads outward, and finally downward on the underside of the flower design.

The length of the flowers is up to you.  The longer you make them, the more flowers you will need.  Make the insertions at different depths, to create depth and interest.

Once you are satisfied with the look of the filler, the next flower will be the fuschia dendrobiums.

Except for one long length to create the cascade down to the bottom, you can cut the rest of the stems up into smaller pieces for filling in the center of the pew decorations.

Cluster the flower heads enough that you conceal any showing of florist foam or cage.

Fill in with remaining greens or blooms.  Even though the color is chromatic (all one color), it is still a delightful design bursting with color, textures and unique greenery.

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