Pew Decoration Hanger

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The first step in creating a fresh flower pew decoration is to green in the foam hanger clip.  I like using leather leaf fern. (They average around 20 stems in a bunch) and a single bunch can usually do up ten pew decorations.

One single stem has a lot of individual fronds that can be cut apart and used on each design.

Attach your clip to an upright board.  Don't have one handy?  Open a cabinet door if necessary and design right on it.

It's easy to get carried away, but remember these designs are attached to pew ends that have people passing in and out to be seated.  Don't make them so large that it overpowers and intrudes into the aisle space.

I begin framing the greenery by inserting a short stem of leather in the upper section of the design.  

Insert another piece (slightly shorter) next to the top stem of leather.

Now you determine the length with your pieces of greenery that come out of the bottom of the pew clip.

Although the rule is usually that the flower heads extend slightly beyond the greenery frame, that is not usually true for pew markers.  I like for them to be primarily greenery (cheaper) with a few flowers.  Keep in mind you are not making a bridal bouquet - just a pretty decoration for the end of the pew.

Mixed greenery is attractive and usually more cost effective than large bouquets of flowers.  Think of the flowers as accents rather than the whole of the design.

Notice that this design is going to be long on the bottom, shorter on the top and sides.  You may want to measure your own pews to have a good feel for how large the markers need to be.

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