Peony Wedding Bouquet 

Diamante pins are a fun design element from Oasis.  These inexpensive corsage pins come in five colors (including clear) and add sparkle and shine without too much expense.

I'm going to use a contrasting color in green to compliment the heavy pink of this bridal bouquet.

You can see the size of the diamante heads compared to a penny.

These sparkling pins add a spot of color inserted into the rose heads.  You can easily shorten the shank by cutting the pins down.

Diamante pins are not cheap rhinestones.  Cheap imitation rhinestones have a foil backing to give the crystal a diamond like shine.  Unfortunately, they show up in wedding pictures as black dots!  These pins have no foil, so the effect is clear and sparkly.

I added matching Lomey flower pins, which are unfortunately no longer available.  They have been discontinued by the manufacturer since the creation of this bouquet tutorial.

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