Peony Wedding Bouquet

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Oasis beaded wire comes in two sizes.  The first is 26 foot of smaller beads wound on a spool.  The Mega Beads have assorted sized beads, much larger than the first, and comes in the same color choices.

There is a wide variety of color choices that work well with the decorative wires also offered by Oasis.

I'm using Cowee picks to attach the beaded wire and give a solid base for inserting into the wet bouquet foam.  Cowee picks are made of wood that absorbs water, causing the wood to swell and form a tight bond in the wet foam that won't slide out easily.

Simply lay a loop of beaded wire against the pick and wind the slender wire around it tightly.  You can cut the porous wood easily to a shorter length before inserting into the foam if you wish.

Here's a closeup of inserting the flat wire into the foam.

The greened bouquet already takes on a life, especially when you add longer blades of lily grass down on the lower right to create a graceful line that draws the eye.

Here is a closeup of the beaded wire.

I created a loop on a Cowee pick and inserted up into the bottom of the bouquet, right above the long lily grass.

I continue to add more and more loops of beaded wire, bending them easily into shape.

This is going to give the final bouquet a lot of interest and beauty to accent your gorgeous flowers with!

The bouquet is quickly taking shape and I haven't added a single flower yet!

Cut the Cowee picks down to a shorter length so you don't have too many long picks of wood pushed into the foam.

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