pansy cone topiary

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This pansy cone topiary is very pretty and would serve as a decoration on a bridal table, on a wedding altar, on a guest book table or any number of other places.

Although this tutorial shows a bowl filled with sheet moss to cover the inside of the compote bowl, I suggest you use the green leaves from the pansy bushes, gluing them to the inside of the dish with the craft glue.  

Coat one side of the smaller styrofoam discs with glue, then use corsage pins to attach the discs to the underside of the cone.  Use as many discs as needed to create a trunk to support the cone down inside the compote bowl, allowing the cone bottom to be level with the sides of the compote dish.

Coat the underside of the discs again with white glue and glue down to the bottom of the compote dish.  Allow to dry overnight and be sure the cone is firmly attached to the bowl before you begin attaching the pansy blooms.

Dip a colored pearl corsage pin in the white glue, then pin the pansy head to the cone.  Continue pinning in this manner, overlapping the petals to conceal the green foam underneath.

Allow to dry completely then display.

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