outdoor wedding flowers

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These outdoor wedding flowers were for an outdoor ceremony held at a home estate.  Since both the ceremony and a cocktail hour were to be hosting the guests until the evening reception at a different venue, I actually took the time to visit the grounds ahead of time.  I took  a camera with me for referencing the areas where I thought were best suited for different types of arrangements.

Some areas, such as these massive stone steps, were perfect for displaying a large urn.  I decided to  reserve the flower arrangements for the actual ceremony area, and used large greens and palms to create cool, leafy displays that were a part of the cocktail area.

I actually created most of these on site the day prior to the wedding,  as greenery usually holds up well even in the hot afternoon heat.  

To create a similar urn, be sure to first read through the step by step urn tutorial, as it explains it throughly explains the process of blocking and staking the Oasis florist foam into place.

To create this urn, you'll need the following florist supplies, fresh flower products and greens:

(Note:  NO Crystal Clear Flower Food Needed if all Greens)

Insert all greens and spray with LeafShine.  Keep foam saturated with plain water and store in cool area, out of sun.

This same urn could easily be greened in the day prior and then flowered in (if desired) on the morning of the wedding).  Flowers that hold up well in warm temperatures and that have long laterals are gladiolus, carnations, roses, liatris, chrysanthemums, daisies, Bells of Ireland, delphinium and snapdragons.

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