oriental lily pew decorations

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Pew decorations made with Oriental lilies not only look beautiful, but they smell wonderful!  Keep in mind that these lovely blooms arrive in a tight bud form and actually need a few days to open up to their full beauty.

These are simple to make and hold up great, even in room temperatures.  If you want to scale back on the bloom size, you can substitute a Hybrid or Asiatic Lily instead.  

For this tutorial, you'll need the following flowers and hard goods:

Process your wholesale flowers immediately upon arrival.  Spread the Oriental lilies  out in the buckets.  Do not overcrowd the buckets, or the petals can be easily bruised when opening if too tightly packed among other flower stems.

If you need the lilies to open, let sit near a window or out on a warm porch.  Do not place in direct sun or overheated room. 

Glue some of the ivy leaves (or other greenery) around the head of the bouquet holder and across the face of the foam, leaving some openings in the foam for the insertion of the lily stems. Ribbon wrap bouquet handle.  Tie a knot around the neck of the bouquet holder with long tails for later use in tying the arrangement to the pews or wedding chairs.

Insert the cut lilies into the bouquet foam.  Overlap slightly, to conceal the mechanics of the foam and holder.  Cut the ivy garland into several pieces.  Wire one of the sections with three or four of the wood picks, which you use to insert deep into the bouquet foam, arranging the ivy around the Oriental Lily heads and hang down as garland as shown in the photo.

After finished with designing, shake the can of Floralock thoroughly and squirt in between the stems of the stems in short bursts.  Don't overdo, or you can have glue dripping down the handle.  Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and keep cool until wedding.  Re-wet the bouquet foam as needed to keep wet up to the wedding day.  Do not allow the foam to go dry.

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