Mixed Flower Vase Tutorial

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Flowers are often offered in a mix of colors and varieties.  These brightly colored flowers are a beautiful statement to the coming fall days.

Wrapped in colorful tissue, look for flowers that are still tight, closed buds, and roses feel solid (not soft and mushy).

Gently squeeze the flower heads before purchasing to see how much life the flowers have left before choosing your flowers.

The carnations should feel firm and not opened fully.

Notice the Asiatic lilies are still in bud state - a good sign that the flowers are fresh.

Don't worry - the lilies will begin opening when immersed in water and exposed to light.

Always ask if there is greenery available.  Greenery is an inexpensive way to make bouquets look larger and more impressive.

This is leather leaf fern.  The leaves should look glossy green and moist.  If they look dry or starting to curl or turn yellow - don't buy!

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