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Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Florist Clay

Florist clay is an indispensable product used by florists everyday.  It is available in bricks - but professionals usually use rolls that the clay is attached to a wax paper. 

It is soft and pliable and very sticky.  I'm going to roll this small piece and insert it into the bottom of the hollow handle of the bouquet holder.

Roll it thin and push into the bottom of the handle.

Packed tight, it is going to create a place where the cut end of the diamond wire can be pushed into and secured.

I push the cut end and gently work it into the handle, tunneling through the florist clay.

You must tightly pack it so the the coils around the handle do not loosen.

I roll one more small ball of clay and put it on top of the coiled end.

See a closer look of how the ball of clay fits on top of the coiled wire.