Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

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Make your own bridal bouquet gorgeous!  Attention to details is what turns a simple bouquet into a stunning design.  The bouquet is going to be a round design of white roses.  We are going to add the WOW factor of sparkling tulle and a unique handle treatment of colored wire.

I've always like the sleek look of the decorative wire from Oasis.  It now comes in a diamond pattern, which looks very unique as it is wound around the bouquet holder handle.

You have to make sure the wire is secured tightly or the winding may come loose with handling the bouquet.  I hook the end of the diamond wire into the actual cage of the bouquet holder.

Once secured, I begin tightly winding the wire around the handle.

The diamond pattern etched into the wire actually begins to form a pattern on the bouquet handle.

A closeup lets you see that the wound wire is pressed closely together with no gaps.

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