iris unity candle set

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Always start by learning how to process your wholesale flowers correctly when they arrive.  These steps and explaining the professional products used are important, as a DIY bride doesn't have the same advantage as a professional florist of keeping their designs in a large cooler storage.  You've spent so much on the flowers, don't neglect these inexpensive products that really will extend the life of your flowers.

Prepare pillar candle by using the waterproof tape to wrap around the base of the candle, taping 4 or 5 wooden picks to it.

Sink the pillar candle into the foam - a bit towards the front, leaving room for the tall flowers in the back to be inserted and rise up tall, giving a backdrop to the candle.  Add all the flowers.   Soak the ivy and sprengeri in a tepid water bath.  Wire the strands of ivy and sprengeri with wooden picks.  Add this greenery in so trailers come out and drape over the bowl lip.

Deliver the taper candles and holders separately and assemble at the church.  Mist well with Finishing Touch, allow to dry and refrigerate if possible.

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