hydrangea flower bouquet

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This hydrangea flower bouquet can be customized to have different looks to the final bouquet.  You can back with various greens or add in different flower varieties.  The final design is up to you.

Keep in mind that color palettes are easily changed.  Both roses and hydrangeas come in many different shades of blues, pinks, lavenders and greens.

Now for the Floralock Stem Adhesive.  Be sure to first thoroughly shake the can in order to aerate the glue.

Fit the red nozzle into the round opening of the sprayer.

The long red straw enables you to insert the nozzle between the flower heads and make short bursts of glue to secure the flower stems to the wet floral foam.  Don't spray too long because you want the glue to dry quickly.  Too much glue can drip down onto the handle and make it sticky.

After securing the stems, mist the bouquet with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  This locks the moisture into the petals and slows petal transparency.  Regular home refrigerators and air conditioning are designed to pull moisture out of the air, while professional florist coolers put moisture back INTO the air.

Finishing Touch is perfect for the DIY bride.  If possible, store your bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres in a refrigerator that has been dialed up a little warmer than normal for storing food.  Do not put flowers into any refrigerator containing fruit, which can give off gases that can harm your wedding flowers.

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