how to make a wedding bouquet

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I choose to use a silk cascade for this bouquet so the bride would be able to save a momento from her wedding bouquet. They are available in white or pink.   Lilies do not dry at all well, so this way she was able to take a few flowers and add to her shadowbox of wedding memorabilia.

I was careful to choose a very realistic looking stem of phalaenopsis orchids.

I needed Cowee picks to attach to the stem of orchids. Why? Because the foam is Oasis (not dry foam), I needed the wood to swell and tighten into the bouquet. The silk stem is very hard and slick and I was afraid there was a chance of it sliding out of the wet Oasis without additional security. 

Attach the Cowee pick simply by wrapping the attached wire tightly around the flower stem. 

I flipped the bouquet over (the bottom of the bouquet is at the top of the photo) and inserted the orchid stem deep in between the foam and wire collar. As you can see, the flower stems makes a graceful curve as it comes out. 

You can clearly see the curve and bend of the cascade as it comes out from the bottom of the flowers. 

Avoid spraying the silk cascade later with the Finishing Touch. As you can see, the bouquet is ready for the finishing touches, including bouquet jewelry. 

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