How to Make a Corsage

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How many flowers you add it up to you.  Keep in mind the size of the person wearing the flower accent.  Dainty little girls and slender teenagers need smaller flowers while larger women should have a corsage proportioned to their wrists or shoulders.

I finished by one flower head up against the bottom of the placed bow and taped down the final stems securely.  The stem can be curled up or cut off - the design look is up to you.

Don't forget that all flowers last longer with a flower sealant, but it's especially important for cut flower work like corsages and boutonnieres because there is no water source.

Want to give an extra sparkle or cultured look?  Add in some flower jewelry.  Pearl headed pins are often used by professionals because they come in a wide variety of color and can be cut down to size if needed.

Cutting the steel shanks can cause sharp pieces to go flying off, so be sure to protect your eyes with appropriate safety glasses.

Always bury the shank deep into stiff styrofoam before cutting and place your finger on top of the pearl pin to keep it in place.  You must use heavier wire cutter in order to cut these heavy pins.

Keep the shank short - but long enough to bury in the flower head without coming out.

A simple addition of a pearl in the center of each flower creates an elegant stylish look.    Although the pins are inexpensive and simple to do, this easy design feature adds a lot to the price of flowers boughten from a professional flower shop!

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