How to Make a Corsage

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Since I'm planning to glue all the flowers into place with floral adhesive, I'm going to bend the aluminum prongs over and fold them tight against the band.  These prongs are meant for clamping over the stems of a wired corsage to hold it in place on the wristlet.

The prongs bend easily with your fingers.  Just squeeze tightly into place until they are flattened.  I leave this aluminum piece on, because it gives me a larger surface to glue the flowers to.

I begin by pressing one of the leaves already coated on the back with floral adhesive to the silicone plate.

Press firmly and hold into place for a few seconds.  Be very careful not to get the glue on your fingers.  Using a toothpick helps.

It takes a little patience, but still quicker than wiring and looks better on the wrist corsage.

Keep in mind the shape of the wrist and follow an elongated pattern.

You can begin overlapping the leaves on top of the others already glued into place.

I overlapped on the ribbon in the center.

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