How to Make a Corsage

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Carnations are a great addition when you are making a corsage.  The miniature carnations have a smaller flower head than your roses and are considered secondary flowers.  Cut the stems short for insertion in the center of the corsage and a little longer for the outer edges.

Apply glue generously to the stem.  At this point, you have to be very careful not to smear glue on the flowers already in the corsage design when inserting the additional flowers.

I'm looking to use the carnations in the large gaps between the rose heads.

Tuck the flower carefully into place, taking care not to get the glue on your fingers.  If you do, wash it off immediately so you don't transfer to more flowers.

Hold into place lightly until the glue sets.

Prepare the glue on more carnation heads and insert into other gaps in the corsage design.

Don't forget your side insertions, this corsage has to look good from all viewing angles.

The corsage is filling out nicely - but let's not forget some interesting textures.

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