How to Make a Corsage

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Look your roses over before gluing into your corsage.  Remove any imperfect petals.  If you would like a more open rose, blow gently into the head to help loosen the petals.

It is wise if you are working with white flowers to have clean hands and then mist with Finishing Touch. This helps prevent the oils from your fingers from transferring to the petals and contributing to early browning.

Use a sharp knife to cut a clean cut thru the calyx (bulb under the flower head).  Closer cuts for flowers being glued to the center of the corsage.

Apply floral glue generously over the cut part of the flower head.

Gently place the flower head into place and hold for a few seconds until it adheres.

You can apply the glue to several flower heads and place them upside down on the table and put into place a minute later after the glue has had time to get tacky.

Apply more glue to another rose head and allow to dry for a few seconds.

Place close to the first flower head, in the center of the acrylic tab.

These will be your center focal flowers for the corsage.

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