Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets

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This finished clutch bouquet has a nice, slightly mounded appearance, with the green leaves of the collar finishing off the underside and a sheer bow at the bottom.

This works well for both bridal and attendant bouquets.  I will confess - the florist in me prefers a "mock hand tied" - a similar look created on a bouquet holder.  This assures the longest life for the bouquet. 

To give a true hand tie like this bouquet the longest life possible, refrigerate, mist well with a flower sealant and keep in a water vase as long as possible before handing off to the bride.  Keep a towel handy by the bouquet vases so you can wipe off the excess water before handing off to the bridal party.

I use Floralife Finishing Touch to seal the flower petals and slow moisture evaporation.  Air conditioning (which pulls moisture out of the air) and hot outdoor conditions can dry out flower bouquets quickly.  Finishing Touch extends the life of every flower.  

I mist well and allow to dry before refrigeration.  I take the bottle with me to the church and mist the bouquets once more before they are used to seal the petals one last time.

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