Hand Tied Bouquet

Tulle Handle Bow and Tails

Another alternative to decorative wire or satin ribbon would be nylon tulle.  Tulle doesn't absorb water and doesn't show damp spots or soiling like a satin ribbon would.

Tie the end of the tulle directly under the clipped ends of the sheer collar and tie with a tight square knot leaving two tails (one still attached to the bolt).

Begin winding the end still attached to the tulle bolt around the stems directly under the tulle collar in order to conceal the BindIt tape.

Wrap several layers until the green tape is completely concealed.

Cut off from the bolt, leaving a long tail.  Slip the cut end under the last layer and tie off with the first tail.

You can add more lengths of tulle, increasing the number of ribbons trailing off the bottom of the bouquet.  Finish with a bow if desired.

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