Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Greenery - Myrtle

I like using different varieties of greenery to give more interest and texture to the bouquet.  This is a grower's bunch of myrtle.  It has a light scent and a lovely green color.

The single stem often features many laterals that can be cut off the stem and used individually in flower bouquets and arrangements.

I'm snipping off the lateral, leaving one long stem for the longest piece.  I'll be laying the shorter pieces separately so they'll be taped in exactly where I want them to be.

Once the laterals have been snipped off individually, I strip the leaves off the bottom portion so i have a smooth stem to tape against the bouquet handle.

I'll cut the long length to the right size by lying it on top of my leather leaf already taped together.

I let the stem of the myrtle to extend longer and farther than the tips of the leather leaf fern, before taping it firmly into place.

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