Flowers for a Wedding

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Flowers for a wedding always start with the basic building and stabilizing of products.  You don't want the arrangement to come apart during delivery.

Cowee sticks are made of an extremely porous wood.  Once you insert the sticks deeply into the foam, the wood absorbs the water and swells, tightening the wood and keeping it in place.

Professional florists use Cowee sticks to pin several bricks or blocks together, adding stability to the foundation of the floral design.

I insert several sticks from different angles.

The Cowee sticks are easily cut with wire cutters after the bricks are pinned together.

Don't be afraid to use several sticks.  Keeping the Oasis foam from moving is important.

Simply snip off the tops of the sticks after inserted into the foam.

You can see the tops of where I cut off several other sticks showing on the top of the foam.

Once I'm sure the foam isn't going to move, I remove all the excess wood.

Keep excess for use in other designs later.

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