flower table centerpieces

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These flower table centerpieces are almost done.  I thought they needed some definite contrast with the greens, so added in the pure white daisies.  As before, cut the laterals off the stems if necessary

Are your chrysanthemums too short?  There's a simple little florist trick that can help.  Using the cut off portions of other chrysanthemums, you can insert your shorter flower stems into the longer stems and cut to the length you need!

Take a discarded chrysanthemum stem and strip all the leaves off and clean off the bumpy places where the flowers were cut off.  Cut your attached stem off at an angle with a sharp knife.

Carefully slid the angled stem down INTO the hollow stem of the cleaned stem.

Thus the larger stem acts like a straw, pulling up the moisture to the shorter flower head.  I must advise you that I've only done this with chrysanthemum stems on other chrysanthemum stems.  I've never used this with any other flower variety.  But some of those pesky fall colored mums can have a really short lateral to work with.  This way you can get a little more length if you need it for your design.

Fill in with the white daisies until all the "open" spaces are covered.  Be sure to turn your arrangement around and look at it from all directions.

Once you are satisfied with the look, spray all your table centerpieces with a flower sealant such as Crowning Glory or Finishing Touch.

This helps lock the moisture into the flower petals and slows the dehydration which eventually leads to wilting of the flower.  Air conditioners and home refrigeration units pull moisture out of the air.  Professional flower coolers put moisture into the air, keeping the flowers fresh longer.

You can imitate the same in your home environment by misting daily with the Finishing Touch and by running a cool mist humidifier.  If you don't have one, I'm always seeing these at thrift stores or local discount stores.  Putting moisture into the air really does make your flowers stay fresh longer.

Store them in a cool dark room and close the blinds. Don't worry - flower farms have bred flowers to have a long life in regular air temperatures.  With a little care and the use of a few professional floristry products, your  flowers will still be lovely on your wedding day.  

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