Flower Corsage Tutorial

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At this point, I could have added the bow to the corsage already assembled and it could have been ready to wear.  I want to treat this corsage as an upgrade (such as would be offered to a mother, grandmother or other special person that ranks above corsages for reception workers, etc.)

Keep this portion on a smaller scale.  You notice that I started with a small, unopened bud, and then began layering the flowers as before, only choosing smaller heads and adding less hypericum berries.

Continue to add your flowers, facing off to both sides as before.  Occasionally lay the tail against the top portion of the corsage, considering how big you want the final design to be.

Finish the back with a spray of leaves on the back.  Be sure to face the "good" side of the leaves against the back of the flowers.  This is the portion that will be visible when the corsage is pinned on to the wearer.

Don't use to many leaves. The leaves are a backing - a finishing touch.  Don't overpower your flower heads.

Notice that I created an intentional curve, so the finished corsage will have a curve the it, nestling well into the hollow of a shoulder and framing the face.

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