Fall Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

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The Belle Bouquet holders are manufactured by Smithers-Oasis and are one of the most popular bouquet holders used by professional florists.

They come in three sizes, medium, large and Grande.  I generally always recommend the Grande, since a large amount of flowers can draw a great deal of water out of a head of foam in a hurry.  Water is the life of your fresh flowers!

Always begin by soaking the bouquet holder in water that has been treated with fresh flower food.  A few simple professional products such as Quick Dip, flower food and Finishing Touch will greatly extend the life of your flowers.

If you have a large investment in your wedding flowers and you don't have a florist cooler, it is wise to spend a few extra dollars and treat your flowers the way a professional would.

Always begin by processing your dry packed flowers correctly.

Allow your foam to "float soak".  Do not force the foam head under water, as this can create dry pockets in the foam.  This may spell death to a flower head.  Let the foam absorb water naturally.  It only takes a few minutes.

Always secure your bouquet holder in a tall enough holder or narrow necked vase that the cascade is above the design surface.  Remember that fresh flowers and watered foam is heavy.

 You want to be sure your bouquet is held securely and doesn't topple forward on you while you are designing.

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