fall centerpiece

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This fall centerpiece is made of artificial flowers, but you can easily make a similar design in fresh.  To create this table arrangement, you'll need an assortment of dried and silk flowers.

Here are some suggested flower stems.  Don't be afraid to substitute.  It's not possible for you to find the same exact flowers I used.  Browse through the fall flowers and find ones you like.

I also used green ficus leaves, to add some more color as a realist voile to the artificial flowers.

I started with a utility container that florists use.  This one has spiked grips on the bottom to hold the Sahara dry foam to the container.

I want to be certain that the foam stays adhered to the bottom, so I use Florist clay known as Cling.

A small strip along the bottom creates a strong bond, yet can be removed without damaging the containers later.

Press a full brick down into the container firmly, taking care that it presses flat against the bottom.

The foam brick should be a couple of inches above the edge of the container.  This is so side insertions of flowers can be done at a slight upward angle, allowing the tips of the greens and flowers to lightly brush the table top.  That's why florist consider this utility containers a "no show", meaning the flowers usually cover the container, concealing that it is made of cheap plastic.

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