elegant wedding cakes

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Elegant wedding cakes are timeless.  Upon seeing this picture, you may tell yourself you can't possibly create this tiered wedding cake.

The flowers, however, are more manageable when you break them down tier by tier.  This cake has been an ongoing favorite with brides over the years.  The cakes are connected with trailing ivy as the layers stagger down to the table level.

Tape a toothpick to the ends of the ivy trailers.  Tape with stem wrap.  After the flowers are in place, pin the ivy trailers going down from one cake to the next as shown in the photo below.

Always put a disposable plate between the designed Iglu and the cake top.  You may ask your baker to put in dowel supports in the center of each cake.  This will help support the weight of the flowers. 

The design on each cake is created on an Oasis Iglu.  They come in two sizes, regular and Grande.  Put something (such as a clear dessert dish) under the Iglu so no water comes out onto your cake.

Be sure to ask your cake decorator to put support dowels in each cake, as wet foam and flowers can be heavy.

Topper #1:

SIDE #2:

SIDE #3:



TableTop #6:

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